80 Hour Refresher Program

       For those of you who have a current CDL License and getting employed requires you to freshen up this is the program for you. There is no textbook to read for this program. We go straight to the drivers seat and go through the skill training.
   Topics we cover:      
  Federal & State Regulations Stopping a Rig    
  Transporting Cargo Braking    
  Sample CDL Questions Air Brakes    
  Trip Planning Navigation    
  Coupling & Uncoupling Air Brakes    
  Call us now and be employed and driving within 2 weeks (304) 375-4140 or toll free (866) 813-9906

 How Much Does It Cost?      
 Full-Time 5 Week Program  $4,050  as of Jan 2006  
 Part-Time 12 Weekend Program  $4,050  as of Jan 2006  
 80 hour Refresher Course  $2,000  as of Jan 2009  
 Class B Passenger Endorsement  $2,500  as of Jan 2009