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   Who Needs a CDL?
  Under national (federal) rules you need a CDL if you operate any of the following vehicles:
A single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of more than 26,000 pounds.
A trailer with a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of more that 10,000 pounds.
vehicles that carries amounts of hazardous materials that need placards.
A vehicle that carries more than 15 persons including the driver.
here are four special endorsements and one special restriction for the CDL. All of these require certain 
  written knowledge tests. All CDL applicants must pass a CDL General Knowledge Test.
  CDL Tests: Air Brakes Test:    
  General Knowledge Test
Air Brakes Test
Doubles/Triples Test
Hazardsous Materials Test.
To drive a truck that has Air Brakes you will need to pass an Air Brake written and performance test.    
   Some questions found on the General Knowledge CDL Exam.
  To help you stay alert while driving you should:
 A. Schedule trips for hours you are normally
 B. Take cold medicine, if you have a cold.
 C. Take short breaks before you get drowsy.
When should you wear seat belts?
 A. Anytime you are in a moving vehicle.
 B. Only in states where it is required by law.
 C. Only when engaged in interstate commerce.
  Escape ramps are:
 A. Used to stop runaway vehicles.
 b. For tanks only.
 C. For combination vehicles only.
What is counter steering?
 A. Steering in the opposite direction from what other
     drivers expect you to.
 B. Using steering axle brakes to prevent over
 C. Turning the wheel back in the other direction after
     steering to avoid a traffic emergency.
   Some questions found on the Air Brakes CDL Exam.
  The brake pedal in an air brake system:
 A. Controls the speed of the air compressor.
 B. Always needs to be held down halfway during 
     normal driving.
 C. Controls the air pressure applied to the
All vehicles equiped with air brakes have:
 A. A hydraulic system, in case the air system fails.
 B. A supply pressure gauge.
 C. An air use gauge.
  The brake system that applies and releases the brakes when the driver uses the brake pedal is:
 A. The Service brake.
 B. The Parking brake system
 C. The Drum brake system.
If the air compressor develops a leak, what keeps the air in the tanks?
 A. The one-way check valve.
 B. The emergency relay valve.
 C. The tractor protection valve.
 Your state may test your knowledge in the use of air brakes in several ways:
 There may be separate air brake test. The General Knowledge Test may include air brake questions that are graded separately. For instance, your State may offer a 40 question Basic Knowledge or General Knowledge Test that includes 10 air brake questions. If you cannot answer eight of those questions correctly. That means you fail the air brake knowledge requirement. You can still get your CDL if you score 80 percent (80%) or better on the other 30 questions. But you would have an air brake restriction on your CDL.
   Topics we cover:      
  Safety Special Rigs    
  Transporting Cargo Hazardous Material Handling    
  Basic Controls Air Brakes    
  Trip Planning Navigation    
  Coupling & Uncoupling Air Brakes    
  Call us now and be employed and driving within 6 weeks (304) 375-4140 or toll free (866) 813-9906

  • Our Instructors are committed to developing safe and responsible drivers.
  • We offer only the highest quality training.
  • Our instructors all have many years of driving experience.
  • Our instructors all have millions of accident free miles.
  • Our instructors all are dedicated to training you the safe way to drive a truck.
  Amount of students needed to make a class.  
  Call (304) 375-4140 or toll free (866) 813-9906 to check availability.  

  The Prerequisites you need to enroll today are:  
  • A willingness to have a good secure job
  • Willing to work without a boss looking over your shoulder
  • Desire to earn a good paycheck
 How Much Does It Cost?            Funding Provided by:
 Full-Time 5 Week Program  $4,050  as of Aug 2015              Workforce of Ohio or West Virginia
 Part-Time 12 Weekend Program  $4,050  as of Aug 2015              Direct loans for qualified students
 80 hour Refresher Course  $2,000  as of Aug 2015              All major Credit Cards accepted
 Class B Passenger Endorsement  $2,500  as of Aug 2015              Veterans Administration
   Ohio Valley Truck Driver Training supplies the student
with all the necessary teaching aids to complete the classes.
All related material for the student is supplied.
 *  Paper, pens, etc..
 *  Student books and related manuals
 *  Road Atlas
 *  Overhead Transparencies
 *  Simulator for Air Brakes
 *  Log Book
 *  4.5 Acre Training Lot
 *  5 Kenworth Semi's
 *  72 Passenger Bus
  If you think the schooling is pricey wait till you see how much your first paycheck is.

Driving a Semi Truck is not hard however, there are a few things that are important.

Trucking offers one of Americas best
prospects for long term growth and
Truck driving has been named one
of the ten best "in demand" jobs in
the nation.
  This is what we cover in our 5 week course (partial list).
Control Systems
Clear understanding of rules and regulations
Working knowledge of the trucking industry
Importance of primary and secondary vehicle control systems
the rules and regulations of hours of service (how many hours till you exceed the limit)
Daily drivers log
Preventive Maintenance
Pre Trip Inspection
Coupling and uncoupling
Shifting patterns
Air brake systems
Log Book
Proper Vehicle Control
Speed Management (important)
Space Management
Skid Control and Recovery
Handling Cargo
Cargo Documentation
Personal Health and Safety
Drugs and Alcohol
Properly securing a load (your responsibility)
Understanding Bill of Lading
Trip Planning (Using an Atlas or Map)
Hazardous Materials
Straight line backing
Extreme Driving Conditions
Driving Mountain Roads and Grades
Night Driving
Recognizing and Reporting Malfunctions
Decision Making in emergency maneuvers
Accidents and Breakdowns
Daily Log
Night Driving