Class B Passenger Endorsement

   The Class B Passenger Endorsement allows a driver to drive School Bus and Passenger Buses. 
   Topics covered:      
  Safety Special Busses    
  Transporting Cargo Hazardous Material Handling    
  Basic Controls Air Brakes    
  Trip Planning Navigation    
  Loading & Unloading Pass Air Brakes    
  Call us now and be employed and driving within 6 weeks (304) 375-4140 or toll free (866) 813-9906

 How Much Does It Cost?      
 Full-Time 5 Week Program  $4,050  as of Jan 2006  
 Part-Time 12 Weekend Program  $4,050  as of Jan 2006  
 80 hour Refresher Course  $2,000  as of Jan 2006  
 Class B Passenger Endorsement  $2,500  as of Jan 2006