Part-Time 12 Weekend Program

       The Weekend Program is the 5 week program totaling 200 hours of this material. 
   Topics we cover:      
  Safety Special Rigs    
  Transporting Cargo Hazardous Material Handling    
  Sample CDL Questions Air Brakes    
  Trip Planning Navigation    
  Coupling & Uncoupling Air Brakes    
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   Week 1    Week 2
  Working knowledge of trucking
How itís vital to the economy
Rules and Regulations
Understanding the systems and parts of a tractor trailer
Engine Controls
Checking Fuel, Oil, Air, cooling, Exhaust and electrical systems
Warning Devices
Recording your time on the road
Pre-trip inspection
Correcting malfunctions before starting your trip
Federal and state regulations
Different vehicles systems
  Routines for starting, warming up, cooling down,
and shutting off two cycle diesel engines
Safely hooking up a trailer.
proper way to put a rig in motion
Correct way to stop a rig
Backing a rig in straight line
Gear shift patterns
Double clutching and timing the shift
Selecting proper gears for speed and road conditions
Shifting errors
How to use clutch and transmission to prevent damage
Backing and parking a rig
Reverse steering
Hazards of backing\how to avoid unnecessary backing.
blind side backing
Correct way of coupling a trailer
Proper way of uncoupling a trailer
Responsibilities of the driver
   Week 3    Week 4
  The importance of using signals
Maintaining safe distance
Prevent overhead obstructions
Managing space on interstates
Speed, stopping distance, hydroplaning
How speed and weight affect center of gravity and stopping
Night Driving, getting a rig ready for night driving
Recognizing the conditions that reduce traction
Understanding skidding and jack-knifing and how to avoid them
The best ways of driving in the mountains
Recognizing possible hazards early
Thinking ahead to avoid possible driving emergencies
How driving past an emergency may be better than trying to stop
Why leaving the road is safer than a head on collision
Safest way to make quick stops and quick turns
Safe way to return to the highway
The safest way of dealing with brake failures and blowouts
  Driver distractions
Correct procedure a driver should follow at an accident scene
Information needed for an accident report
Know what to discuss after an accident
Types of fires and putting them out
Hazardous materials spills.
Know the special reports needed when hazardous materials are involved
Sliding the fifth wheel or trailer tandem axles
Shifting weight between tractor and the trailer.
How to Lock and unlock the fifth wheel
Hazards of sliding the fifth wheel or trailer tandem axles improperly
The function of, operating characteristics, size, special features, and hazards of special rigs
Special skills and training needed to operate some rigs.
Hazards of operation a rig when not qualified.
How to do various simple maintenance procedures
The responsibilities in maintaining your rig
The inspection, repair, and maintenance requirements of the FMCSR
   Week 5    
  Troubleshooting problems.
Know when vehicle systems and parts are not working correctly
Define the drivers and mechanicís responsibilities in the vehicle maintenance
The importance of a driver being able to completely and accurately describe how the vehicle is functioning to maintenance personal.
Safely start a vehicle with a dead battery or without air pressure if it has an air starter
The drivers responsibility in handling the cargo
The methods of containing and securing cargo.
Identify the federal and state regulations that control how cargo is shipped.
Distribution of weight when loading cargo
The special handling certain materials require.
Checking the shipping documents to verify the cargo and quantity, and compliance with the law.
The legal terms of shipping contracts
How drivers can protect themselves and their companies from loss claims
Specify how shipping document copies are to be distributed
What possession of the papers means.
The documentation and communication requirements for hazardous material shipments.
Know the FMCSR with regard to alcohol and drug use.
The benefit of a good diet exercise and plenty of rest
How to lift objects safely
Causes of stress and causes of accidents
How to locate the starting point and destination of a trip on a map and choosing alternate routes.
Estimate mileage and travel time
How to obtain certain permits and how to get info about special requirements.
How to plan for personal needs and expense money for trips
Different types of enforcement procedures.
Good relations with customers
Proper procedure for applying for a job as a truck driver
Successfully participate in a job interview.
The reasons a driver candidate can be disqualified.
What commercial driverís license written knowledge tests you will need.
CDL Skills tests, why so many different tests
Passing Scores

 How Much Does It Cost?      
 Full-Time 5 Week Program  $4,050  as of Aug 2015  
 Part-Time 12 Weekend Program  $4,050  as of Aug 2015  
 80 hour Refresher Course  $2,000  as of Aug 2015  
 Class B Passenger Endorsement  $2,500  as of Aug 2015